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The Human Miracle (06 x 30 min. | 01 x 30 min. HD)

The human heart pumps 8,000 liters of blood around the body every day. Human eyes can differentiate between more than seven million colors. Human skin has thousands of sensors that detect sensations and relay information to the brain. The human brain can store the same amount of information as 20,000 dictionaries. All these statistics show that the human body is quite rightly regarded as a miracle. And not all human capabilities can be expressed in numbers.

01 Little Conquerors – How Babies Discover the World
02 The Ego… What is it?
03 How Our Muscles Influence Our Lives
04 The Truth? It’s All Lies!
05 What Makes Some of Us Strong?
06 The Secret of Healing Powers   [HD]
Arabic, English, Spanish
16:9 | SD, HD
06 x 30 min. | 01 x 30 min. HD
Not available worldwide.