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Facets of Life (19 x 30 min.)

Facets of Life documentaries and reports cover culture and education, business and science, historical and contemporary events as well as sports and leisure. A wide variety of issues are investigated in depth and presented in an informative format, making for 30 minutes of captivating television.

19 Déjà Vu – Art, Artifice and Avarice
In the wake of the banking collapse, the debt crisis and last-ditch efforts to bring nations back from the brink of insolvency, some people consider works of art a safe investment. But in their search for the right painting or sculpture, they can fall victim to fraudsters who sell them convincing copies instead of the real thing. On the legitimate art market, however, reproductions are clearly marked as such. In fact, if they are of a high quality, legally made copies of art works can be worth a great deal of money.

20 Luther and the Chemicals Industry – Wittenberg’s Double Legacy
In the year 1517, Martin Luther posted his famous 95 Theses on the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, marking the start of the Reformation. Protestants all over the world are set to mark the 500th anniversary of this seminal event in 2017. The town of Wittenberg is also getting ready, even though no more than ten percent of its 30,000 inhabitants would describe themselves as Christians. Wittenberg has another claim to fame as well: it used to be a center of the East German chemical industry.

21 Samba and Sauerkraut – German Legends at the Rio Carnival
For the 2013 carnival in Rio, one of the city’s most famous samba schools, the “Unidos da Tijuca”, chose German legends and culture as the theme of its contribution to the Sambadrome contest. Preparations took almost a year – from the initial planning and the search for sponsors to making the costumes and floats, the dress rehearsal and the big day itself, the colorful parade in front a huge crowd at the Sambadrome. This documentary follows this elaborate project as it becomes reality.
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19 x 30 min.
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