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Jojo’s Search for Happiness (33 x 03 min.)

The Telenovela for Students of German

Jojo from Brazil has come to Cologne to study art. But that’s not the only reason: Jojo is in love with Ben, a guy she met online. Ben also lives in Cologne, although Jojo hasn’t actually met him yet. But once she arrives in Germany, nothing goes according to plan. Jojo’s dates with Ben never work out for one reason or another. Meanwhile, she gradually gets to know her roommate Mark better. She likes him, but initially he doesn’t seem that interested in having a relationship…

This telenovela, which has been awarded an eLearning Prize, focuses on issues and problems that are relevant to the lives of young people all over the world: Friendship, love and jealousy, but also career- defining choices and the desire to shape one’s own future. In a series of exciting episodes, the telenovela provides entertaining insights into the lives of young people in Germany. For anyone learning German, it is an ideal way to broaden and enhance their language skills. German subtitles provide viewers with additional support in comprehension.

The telenovela is not progressively structured as a language course – each episode has its place within the story structure of the production as a whole, but can also be viewed as a program in its own right. In addition, extensive teaching materials are available online to accompany the episodes of Jojo’s Search for Happiness: interactive exercises, texts with vocabulary lists, grammar and much more.

01  Arrival
02  Jojo from Brazil
03  A Female Roommate?
04  Encounter at the Market
05  Doner Kebab and Curry Sausage
06  A Little Detour
07  Student Life
08  The Exam
09  Dreams
10  Waiting for Ben
11  The Accident
12  Coffee and Cakes
13  New Friends
14  The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach
15  Getting Acquainted Over Dinner
16  A New Admirer?
17  Love Comes, Love Goes
18  Extra Coaching
19  Separate Ways
20  Up the Drachenfels and Back
21  Prince and Princess
22  Museum Tour
23  Going Pear - Shaped
24  Bad Atmosphere
25  Nasty Surprise
26  Who is Jealous Here?
27  Meeting in the Park
28  The Unexpected Happens
29  First Doubts
30  Decision Time
31  Relief
32  The Big Night
33  Ben
German (incl. German subtitle)
33 x 03 min.