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Once Upon a Time... Fairytales of the World (22 x 03-07 min.)

Dragons, rhinos and kangaroos, flute players and wizards... fairytales are universally popular and fire the imagination of children all over the world. Fairytales are passed on from generation to generation – stories that not only entertain, but also serve to preserve tradition and folklore in all cultures.

In our series Once Upon a Time..., we share fairytales from different countries and cultures all over the world. The stories, some of which are well known and others less familiar, reflect the huge wealth and diversity of fables and fairytales.

Lovingly illustrated, they lead us into a world full of adventure and wisdom. Come with us on a magical trip around the globe:

01  China – The Flute Player
02  Italy – Cola Pesce
03  Poland – Pan Twardowski
04  Afghanistan – Little Ahmad Is Still Awake
05  Tanzania – Giraffe and Rhino
06  Romania – Youth Without Age and Life Without Death
07  Russia – Adventure in the Enchanted Forest
08  Turkey – Keloglan and the Magic Bowl
09  Bangladesh – The Seven Champa Brothers
10  Australia – The First Kangaroo
11  China – Tiger and Fox
12  India – The Wise Man and His Daughter
13  Indonesia – The Tale of Manik Angkeran
14  Arabia – The Fisherman and the Jinni
15  Afghanistan – The Brown Goat
16  Brazil – Vitória Régia
17  Tanzania – Kibo and Mawensi
18  Denmark – The Little Match Girl
19  France – The Washerwomen of the Night
20  Ukraine – Sirko
21  Persia – The Tale of Ali Muhammad’s Mother
22  Germany – The Star Talers
English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
4:3 | SD
22 x 03-07 min.
Worldwide, VOD, Mobile