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How Nature Heals (13 x 30 min. | 01 x 30 min. HD)

People around the world have been using natural substances to heal and cure illnesses for thousands of years. Long before doctors dominated the healing process with chemistry and scientific instruments, the natural world provided therapeutic resources in the form of plants, water, light and nutrition. Today, both patients and doctors are reconsidering “old” forms of treatment. There are hundreds of effective ways to treat human ailments – without troublesome side-effects. Our series presents traditional forms of natural medicine from four continents.

01  Yin and Yang – The Chinese Art of Healing
02  Paths to Islamic Healing – A German Doctor’s Quest
03  The Healing Power of Crystals
04  The Andean Healer – Secrets of the Kallawaya Doctors
05  Poison – It’s All in the Dose
06  Pain Therapy with Leeches
07  The Desert Pharmacy
08  The Maggot Cure – An Alternative to Antibiotics
09  Radiation – The Invisible Power
10  Homeopathy – Placebo or Real Cure?
11  Oriental Music Therapy – On Ancient Trails in Uzbekistan
12  Medieval Medicine – Secrets from the Monastery
13  Healing Horses – The Wonders of Equine Therapy    [HD]

Arabic, English, Spanish
16:9 | SD, HD
13 x 30 min. | 01 x 30 min. HD
Not available worldwide.