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The Art of Space (51 x 30 min. | 16 x 30 min. HD)

Green oases in the desert sands. Cool high-rise blocks and mythical gardens. Floating cities and underwater settlements. Skyscrapers and towers. Architecture in a category of its own, employing the most up-to-the-minute construction designs and traditional composition in natural spaces. From the breathtaking to the bizarre, the series The Art of Space shows the incredible variety of spatial experimentation being conducted today. It shines the spotlight on the risks and opportunities presented by the ever-changing face of our world.

Architecture and the Elements – Building for the Future (HD)

Does architecture still fulfill its essential purpose, to protect against cold, heat and rain? Architects are currently engaged in a global debate over how best to deal with emerging challenges such as climate change and increasingly extreme weather phenomena. Floating houses and homes built below ground level are just two of many approaches under consideration.

From Zurich to Tokyo – In Search of New Ideas for Housing (HD)

Tokyo may have 13 million residents, and Zurich may only have 400,000 – but the two cities have one thing in common: both are densely populated, expensive and in need of new approaches to housing. For example, variable units that can be adapted to the different phases of the residents’ lives. Or what are being called ‘cluster’ apartments with small private areas and large communal spaces.

A Life Less Ordinary – People and Their Houses (HD)

Two German families, two approaches to designing a home. The Pradels commission a new energy-saving house made with modern materials. The Schwarz family, on the other hand, have created their new home in an old barn with thick stone walls.

Master Plan – Designing a “Perfect” City (HD)

On the Cayman Islands, there are plans to create a new resort town. The architects and engineers aim to create a community that embodies the ideas of the New Urbanism – a high quality of life with home, work and public areas all within walking distance.

Tadao Ando – Master of Minimalism (HD)

Tadao Ando of Japan is a self-taught architect, who is revered worldwide for his work. His buildings are in dialog with their surroundings. The strict geometry of his constructions contrasts with the organic forms of their natural settings. Ando works with a limited range of materials such as wood, glass and concrete.

Concrete – A Material in Flux (HD)

Ten billion tons of concrete are produced each year. It is a defining feature of the manmade environment. Architects love its versatility and strength. But concrete is still regarded as a cheap building material by many. People who develop new kinds of concrete, who use concrete, and who live in concrete structures, talk about their experiences.
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51 x 30 min. | 16 x 30 min. HD
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