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Full Report spotlights key and current social developments that affect us all. It is a series with its finger on the pulse. The investigative reports expose problems, provide explanations and offer visions of life in the future.

85 The Occupied Palazzo – Refugees Stranded in Rome HD
The Palazzo Selam, or Palace of Peace, is a former university building in downtown Rome. It has been occupied by refugees since 2006. It is home to hundreds of people, isolated from the outside world, who have taken their survival into their own hands and are trying to realize their dreams and goals in Europe.

86 A Ray of Light – The Lebanon Project HD
Every summer, young people from Europe volunteer at a summer camp in the Lebanese mountains, where they help disabled people enjoy an unforgettable if brief holiday. The disabled people involved in the Lebanon Project spend the rest of the year in institutions, often in poor conditions.

87 Heroes of the Night – The Soul Collectors of Bangkok HD
They’re known as the ‘soul collectors’ of Bangkok – volunteer helpers who take care of the victims of traffic accidents. Thailand’s capital does not have an organized emergency service. Night after night, the selfless engagement of the ‘soul collectors’ ensures that those left injured on the streets of Bangkok get the medical treatment they need. Sometimes, all they can do is tend to the dead.

88 Europe’s Deadly Border – Rescuing Migrants in the Mediterranean HD
Thousands of refugees attempt the Mediterranean crossing to Europe every year, and many die in the process. Following an especially grave accident with heavy loss of life, Italy set up the ‘Mare Nostrum’ rescue program, in a bid to save the lives of as many people as possible.

89 Living Beneath the Streets – The Sewer People of Bucharest HD
There are believed to be at least 6,000 homeless people in the Romanian capital. Many of them seek shelter underground, in a network of tunnels and sewers. Their lives are dominated by poverty, drugs and fear. But somehow, they have carved out an existence for themselves beneath the streets of Bucharest, where they’re known as the ‘sewer people’.
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89 x 30 min. | 22 x 30 min. HD
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