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Euromaxx Series (Diverse)

Euromaxx on Vacation
49 x 30 min.

Euromaxx on Vacation invites you to spend your vacation with us. Let us be your guide on a tour of the most beautiful destinations, glamorous locations and tranquil regions Europe has to offer. From Andorra to Zagreb – you will be enchanted by these diverse and fascinating places. Among the many exciting cities we explore are Amsterdam, Helsinki and Lisbon. We offer all kinds of information and insider tips about the places we visit. Euromaxx on Vacation is guaranteed to infect you with the travel bug.


Åland Islands
The Principality of Andorra
A Taxi Ride Through Madrid
The Tuscan Town of Lucca
Tourist Magnet Bavaria
A Trip to Corsica

Arabic: 01-07, 22-49
English: 01-49
Spanish: 09-49

Euromaxx Architecture
52 x 30 min.

European architecture stands out through an almost unparalleled pluralism of style. The striking buildings of the modern era are characterized sometimes by structural achievements or the innovative use of materials, sometimes by a special language of form. In view of such architectural variety, it is impossible to talk in terms of a pan-European style. Yet constants and popular stylistic devices can be identified. In postmodern architecture everything seems possible: from geometric cubes to organic domes, from neo-classical stylistic creations to futuristic constructions.

To a certain extent, the latest examples of postmodern European architecture pay homage to the old rule “form follows function”, which dominated all schools of architecture and design in the early 20th century.

We proudly present Euromaxx Architecture showcasing the most important and exciting and also the most controversial European buildings of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Rotterdam: Manhattan on the Maas
A Modern Home in the Woods
A Loft in the Skies
The Baroque Villa Bologna in Malta
London Life in a converted stable
Living in a Showroom in Finland

Arabic: 38-55
English: 01-55
Spanish: 25-55

Euromaxx Design
59 x 30 min.

Design is the process by which nearly all objects – from cars to paper clips, from clothing to chairs – acquire a certain form and function. But design involves more than just shaping and styling: Good design is a complex process in which different and often contradictory requirements have to be met to ensure that objects function in the desired way. Design is only good when aesthetic, ergonomic and ecological aspects, durability, function and comfort harmonize and complement one another.

Euromaxx Design presents the most important and exciting creations on the European design scene. It portrays star designers, shows emerging trends and pays tribute to traditional design.

The episodes of our successful series Euromaxx Design introduce the latest creations from the automotive industry, from furniture designers, glassworks, material and jewelery studios and visit trade fairs, exhibitions and presentations.


Icelandic Creations
Flora Borsi’s Photo Art
Dan Bannino’s “Poetic Dogs”
Let there be Light
The Bicycle as an Accessory
A Design Trip to Copenhagen

Arabic: 13-18, 33-59
English: 01-59
French, Portuguese: 13-18
Russian: 06-18
Spanish: 13-25, 33-59

Euromaxx à la Carte
66 x 30 min.

We travel around Europe to trace the manifold roots of European cuisine and to show how Europe’s culinary heritage is reworked and refined by the continent’s top chefs. They give us an insight into their skills as they turn regional specialties into gourmet delights. For Euromaxx à la Carte they demonstrate European gastronomy at its finest in their award-winning

restaurants. It’s all here – from new Scandinavian cuisine to hearty Bavarian dishes. For dessert, each program focuses on a special subject, such as the delicate craft of the chocolatier or top wines from France. Euromaxx à la Carte takes your tastebuds on a European tour.


Maltese Menu
Porcini Ravioli from France
Vegan barbecue
Perch from Finland
Iberian Pork Cheeks
Cakes with a Twist

Arabic: 01-14, 41-66
English: 01-66
German: 15-19
Russian: 13-19
Spanish: 34-66
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