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Know it! (57 x 30 min., 475 x 02-06 min. | 16 x 30 min., 138 x 02-06 min. HD)

Know it! is DW Transtel’s magazine all about knowledge.

Do you know what factors influence climate change? And what impact it has on humanity? Are you aware of the questions currently being researched by scientists? And how much do you know about energy and the environment? Do you keep up-to-date with the latest developments in transport technology? Do you keep track of health and medical advances? And did you know…

All over the world, scientists are working to increase our knowledge. Engineers develop practical applications for new insights, and their research makes it possible for people to embrace the future. Those equipped with greater knowledge have a better chance of solving problems, improving living conditions and curing diseases, and, ultimately, of securing the survival of humanity as a whole.

Know it! brings you magazine-length reports packed full of information on science, technology and everyday phenomena. Know it! lets you in on the latest developments and discoveries from all over the world. If you’re curious about the world around you, just tune in and Know it!


Mysterious Underwater World HD
232-239, 08 x 03 min.
Scientists are combing coral reefs and rocky coastlines to try to learn more about the behavior of rare species threatened with extinction. They come within a few meters of basking sharks and humpback whales, inspect shipwrecks on the ocean floor, observe the complex coexistence of reef inhabitants and investigate how artificial rocks can help rejuvenate the biodiversity of overfished waters.

Science for Everyday HD
240–247, 08 x 06 min.
Why are so many fruit stains impossible to remove? Why shouldn’t you use water to extinguish burning fat in a pan? And why do window panes appear to attract dirt like magnets? Macro lenses and high-speed cameras help us to understand many seemingly inexplicable phenomena in everyday life.
English, Spanish: 57 x 30 min., 475 x 02-06 min.
Portuguese: 92 x 03-06 min.
Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Macedonian: 48 x 03-06 min.
16:9 | SD, HD
57 x 30 min., 475 x 02-06 min. | 16 x 30 min., 138 x 02-06 min. HD
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