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Global Ideas (59 x 30 min., 236 x 07 min. | 15 x 30 min., 87 x 07 min. HD)

Melting polar caps, devastating hurricanes, and rising sea levels. The changes ascribed to climate change are disheartening to say the least. Our series Global Ideas features people across the world who are pursuing innovative projects to counter global warming.

To reduce greenhouse gases, maintain biodiversity, provide food for thought, and promote effective action – these are the goals of the projects we profile. From Colombia to the Philippines, from Mozambique to Canada – we present a total of 236 initiatives that are exemplary in character and creative in approach.

Each show has four reports. All the projects are “best practice” models, featuring ideas worthy of emulation.


Peru – Manú National Park HD
Manú National Park in southeastern Peru is vast and remote. A biosphere reserve, it stretches from the Andes into the Amazon basin and is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species. It’s also home to indigenous peoples like the Machiguenga. A project initiated by the Frankfurt Zoological Society seeks their help in an effort to protect and maintain the park’s ecosystem and its biodiversity.

South Africa – Flora HD
The Cape Floristic Region is one of the biological wonders of the world. In 2004 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the region is not without its dangers. The geometric tortoise is one species under threat from bushfires, farming, urban expansion and road construction as well as poaching and illegal logging. To preserve the population, CapeNature, a governmental organization, initiated a conservation detection dog project. Highly-trained team members like Brin sniff out and save endangered reptiles.

Armenia – Environmental Education HD
Few regions of the world are as biodiverse as the South Caucasus. Its variety of landscapes is home to more than 7,000 species. But these habitats are endangered by illegal forest clearing, intensive farming and poaching. In an effort to change things, an environmentalist and documentary filmmaker is educating children about environmental protection in an ingenious way – by having them shoot films about nature and their environment.

Mexico – Isla Isabel HD
The Gulf of California is a coastal region that is home to great number of rare flora and fauna. In 2005, UNESCO added parts of the Gulf of California to its list of world heritage sites and that included Isla Isabel. For 15 years the island has been an official nature reserve. Now the national park authority also wants to protect the surrounding marine area in order to sustain life on the island. Fish are essential to the survival of the local birds. And while stocks are still plentiful, the biodiversity is being threatened by overfishing.
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59 x 30 min., 236 x 07 min. | 15 x 30 min., 87 x 07 min. HD
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