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Faith Matters (96 x 30 min. | 07 x 30 min. HD)

Faith provides many people with a framework for life and a moral code. This series provides insights into matters of faith, with reports on contemporary Catholic and Protestant communities around the world. The main focus is on the purpose of existence, Christian values and social responsibility, as well as contributions Christians make to society, culture and the arts. Faith Matters portrays the everyday life of Christians; it reports on the latest events in the Christian community and on the work of churches in Germany and worldwide.

88 The Struggle for Peace – Colombia’s Women Against Violence HD
Colombia has suffered more than half a century of armed conflict between left-wing guerillas, right-wing paramilitaries and government troops. The statistics are shocking: 220,000 people killed, 25,000 missing and more than four million displaced. We meet three courageous women who are fighting for peace in Colombia, each in her own way. One attacks injustice in her music, another has set up an organization to help victims of violence, while the third puts her faith in literature and education.

89 Asylum in the Church – A Berlin Pastor Paves the Way
More and more people are being forced to flee their home countries as a result of war, persecution or desperate need. Those who manage to reach Germany are often turned away and deported. Berlin pastor Jürgen Quandt and his association Asylum in the Church provide legal advice to refugees and sanctuary to those who need it. Quandt has been politically active since the 1980s, and has many success stories to tell. Without his help, hundreds of refugees would have been repatriated and their lives put at risk.

90 Rescuing the Forsaken HD
Sixty years ago, Father William Wasson, an American priest in Mexico, rescued a boy from a harsh prison sentence for stealing from a church poor box “because he was hungry”. Wasson won custody of the boy and eight others in the cell with him. That marked the beginning of the child welfare organization Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, Our Little Brothers and Sisters. It now runs 11 children’s villages in nine Latin American countries. The aim is to help orphaned, abandoned or disadvantaged children grow into caring and productive members of their communities.

91 Jerusalem – Three Religions, Three Families
In the Old City of Jerusalem, Jews, Christians and Muslims live together in an area covering less than one square kilometer. What is life like for them here, in one of the world’s most troubled regions? We visited three families and clerics representing the three faiths to find out more.

92 A Commitment for Life
Regina Greefrath is in her early 30s and is about to become a nun. As Sister Regina she has been preparing for this since 2009. She asks herself some searching questions: What do I expect from life in the convent, and how will I manage the daily routines and demands of life in the service of God?

93 Father Saju Dances the Bible HD
Saju George Moolamthuruthi is a Jesuit Father and a dancer in the classical Indian style of Bharata Natyam. The dancing Jesuit priest, who sets a statue of the dancing incarnation of the Hindu god Shiva next to a figure of the Virgin Mary, has dedicated his life to worship through dance. He has made a name for himself internationally as a professional dancer, and has established a centre for art and culture in a poor district of Kolkata.

94 Outcasts in Thailand – Brother Bernd and the AIDS Orphans HD
There are about seven thousand HIV-positive children in Thailand. Most were infected by their parents, and many are now orphans. Brother Bernd is a Catholic missionary and nurse from Germany who has made it his mission to help at least some of these children. He lives and works in a small town in northeastern Thailand at a centre for children with HIV/AIDS.

95 The Word as Image HD
The artist Moritz Götze is covering the entire interior of a 1,000-year-old church in the town of Bernburg with representations of Bible stories in enamel on sheet steel. Like many others in the former East Germany, the church had gone to rack and ruin. So the secular artist and the church’s pastor, Sven Baier, began looking for sponsors to launch their ambitious project.

96 Protestant Nuns – The Sisters of Schwanberg HD
In the southern German town of Schwanberg, there is a Lutheran convent where the nuns still follow the Rule of St. Benedict. The unusual situation has a historical explanation: when the Nazis banned the Christian Girl Guide organization in 1942, some of the young women continued to meet in secret at the local Benedictine monastery, and eventually founded their own – Lutheran – order. Today, 30 nuns live and work together in the convent, which is housed in Schwanberg Castle. They offer visitors courses and seminars but also the opportunity to retreat and reflect.
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