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globetrotting (13 x 30 min. HD)

Distant lands, unfamiliar cultures, different customs: globetrotting tours some of the world’s most diverse destinations. From well-trodden tourist routes to remote and isolated regions, to big cities and to unspoiled nature. Always in search of exceptional people and their stories, extraordinary sights and pristine natural beauty.

01 The 1,000 Colors of Brazil HD
Brazil is a country that feels like a continent. There are ancient forests and vineyards, fabulous beaches and savannahs, untouched nature and megacities with both favelas and elegant suburbs. Its people are united by a common language and a love of music and cultural diversity. We travel to big cities and to wilder corners of this immense country.

02 A Highway Through the Heart of Australia HD
Married couple Rick and Vicky Foote are truckers, and it’s a lifestyle they adore. Every week, they travel along the Stuart Highway through the sparsely populated regions of central Australia from south to north and back again. Places of spectacular natural beauty await them en route, as well as encounters with rakish types and fortune-seekers.

03 Dagestan – The Unknown Caucasus Republic HD
Dagestan is a republic of Russia, though it looks and feels nothing like Moscow or St. Petersburg. This region of the Caucasus Mountains has been settled for millennia. The Romans were there, as well as the Persians, Arabs and Mongols. Dagestan is home to dozens of ethnic groups speaking many different languages and dialects.

04 Iceland – Nation of Fire and Ice HD
In Iceland, the forces of nature put on a spectacular show: massive glaciers, powerful waterfalls, seething volcanoes. Mother Nature may appear unwelcoming to humans here, but the Icelanders have come to a beneficial arrangement with her. They extract salt from the sea, bake bread in the hot earth and use the hot springs to heat their greenhouses.

05 The Young South Africa HD
South Africa is often called the Rainbow Nation, because it is home to people of all different skin colors. This coexistence is not always easy, and of course South Africa has a painful history of colonialism, exploitation and racism. We meet young South Africans who are proud of their country and want to leave the past behind and look to the future with optimism.

06 French Lifestyle in the Canadian Province of Quebec HD
The Canadian province of Quebec was a French colony for a century and a half. The legacy of that era is still evident today: in the language, food and drink of the region. Quebec is also an area of great natural beauty, with many forests, lakes and rivers. The majestic St. Lawrence River is the province’s lifeline, and its gateway to the world.

07 The Rich Culture of Bangladesh HD
The inhabitants of Bangladesh refer to their nation fondly as “Sonar Bangla”, which means “Golden Bengal”. The majority-Muslim country is home to many Islamic cultural and architectural gems, but also witnesses to its Hindu and Buddhist past. Signs that times are changing can be found everywhere – but perhaps most evidently in the capital Dhaka.

08 Jordan – A Pearl of Sand and Stone HD
Jordan is a fascinating nation that elegantly upholds both traditional and modern lifestyles. In contrast to the fast pace of life in the booming capital Amman and the flourishing tourist resort of Aqaba on the Red Sea, many Bedouins still lead a traditional way of life in the country’s mountains and desert. Jordan is also home to one of the world’s most magnificent treasures: Petra, the ancient city of the Nabataeans, carved out of the rock.

09 New Zealand – Dream Destination in the Pacific HD
Few travel destinations can rival New Zealand for its beauty and diversity. It has everything from icy glaciers to bubbling volcanoes and lush rainforests. And the people have a reputation for being friendly and welcoming. New Zealand also boasts the steepest street in the world, Baldwin Street in the city of Dunedin – with a gradient of 35 percent.

10 France’s Sun-Drenched South HD
The port city of Marseille on the French Mediterranean coast has been working hard to improve its image. Over the past few years, the old town has been rejuvenated and many new museums have been built. About a hundred kilometers to the west is the Camargue, a fascinating marshy landscape that’s home to white horses, black bulls and pink flamingoes.

11 Ethiopia – In the Highlands of the Blue Nile HD
Ethiopia boasts dramatic landscapes and fascinating archaeological sites, including ancient palaces and churches carved into the rock. A trip to Ethiopia is an unforgettable experience. The Blue Nile Falls near the city of Bahir Dar are among the country’s biggest tourist attractions.

12 Uruguay – Nation on the Silver River HD
Uruguay is the second smallest nation in South America and is very sparsely populated. Away from the bustling capital Montevideo, people lead their lives with a disarming serenity. The herds of horses and beef cattle on the pampas form the basis of the country’s economic prosperity.

13 Bhutan – Kingdom in the Himalayas HD
Bhutan was almost completely isolated from the rest of the world until the 1960s. But the kingdom between India and China is slowly opening up and emerging as an increasingly popular travel destination. A visit to Bhutan feels like stepping back in time: few places in the world can boast such pristine landscapes and traditional ways of life.
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