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Life Links (06 x 30 min. HD)

Sharing Realities, Changing Perspectives

Life Links sheds light on issues that affect young people around the globe: on what holds them back, what cramps their style and how they nonetheless manage to master their lives. In each episode three Life Links reporters meet young people in different parts of the world. Their personal experiences show how different yet similar young people’s realities are.

01 Who Am I – Finding Myself HD
Ka-yeon escaped from North Korea to the neighboring South – and is now trying to fit in. Alina lives on the outskirts of Paris, France and has always experienced rejection because she is a Roma. Amin in Cologne, Germany considers himself German, though his roots are Egyptian. He is always confronted with people who insist on knowing where he is “really” from.

02 Drug Trap – Breaking Free HD
Gilda from Bolivia would much rather be a teacher than a coca farmer. She is forced to pick the leaves from which cocaine can be made. Dominik from Germany started taking drugs when he was a teenager and his life went downhill from there. Now he’s in prison for aggravated assault. Emma hasn’t had a sip of alcohol for three years. But even now that she’s sober, she still struggles because her fellow Finns like to drink a lot.

03 Deal with Me – Seeking Acceptance HD
David is proud to be Jewish. As the stigmatization of minorities seems to have become socially acceptable in his native Hungary, he is trying to fight the trend. Ali has been a refugee almost all his life. Hoping for a future without discrimination, he left Iran and fled to Germany where he’s struggling for acceptance. Leonidah lives in Kenya and has albinism. People with her condition face persecution and discrimination. Yet Leonidah wants to be accepted for who she is and what she looks like.

04 Blame My Parents – Bearing the Burden HD
In Romania, Andrea has to take care of her younger sister all by herself. Their mother lives and works in western Europe, so she can support her family. Jean Claude in Rwanda doesn’t know his father. His mother, an ethnic Tutsi, was raped by several Hutu militiamen during the genocide in 1994. Robin in Germany was still a student when his father died. His life changed from one day to the next when he had to take over the family business.

05 For Christ’s Sake – Ordain Me! HD
Jacqueline from Germany feels called to Catholic priesthood. The only problem: she’s a woman. Petrus is a member of the Suriyani, a Christian minority in Turkey. He wants to become a priest, but his religion isn’t officially recognized in his country. M is a Methodist in the United States and believes that sexuality and gender are fluid concepts. She feels called to the ministry but has been turned down by her church.

06 Head above Water – Call of Duty HD
Ships make for some of the toughest workplaces on earth. It’s hard work, long hours and little pay. Paul comes from a family of fishermen, but he’s one of the last young men wanting to do the job in Germany. Jeroen from Holland, like his colleagues, faces countless obstacles: shipwrecks, piracy, dangerous working conditions and lots more. Alamgir works with his bare hands to dismantle ships in Bangladesh – a dangerous and backbreaking profession. But he has no choice but to keep going.
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06 x 30 min. HD
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