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Our Technical World (06 x 30 min. HD)

Technology is an integral part of almost all areas of life, and is developing at an increasingly rapid pace. It is very visible in, for example, telecommunication, transport and medicine. But increasingly we take technology so for granted that we barely notice it. Our Technical World shows new and spectacular examples of how technology is deployed and the challenges it must withstand.

01 Digital Archives
The digitalization of archives and libraries has now been underway in many countries for decades. But the variety of different data formats and storage technologies used means that creating digital collections that remain readable for ever is a task of immense proportions. It’s hoped new methods and devices will help make our digital heritage accessible to future generations.

02 Machines in Control
Computer-based assistance and autopilot systems are increasingly taking over the wheel in planes, trucks, cars and ships. Some boffins say freighters could soon sail the world’s seas without the need of a crew. Skepticism about these technological advances is giving way to acceptance. How do these systems work? And are they safe?

03 The Effect of Light
LED lights are now widely used in homes and offices and as headlights in cars. They’re energy-efficient and long-lasting. The color and brightness of LED lamps can also be adjusted, for example, over the course of a day. That means they can influence human biorhythms. Clever light management could make office work more pleasant and shift work less damaging, and reduce jetlag on longhaul flights.

04 Doctor Robot
Robots are making huge strides in medicine. They are used in surgery, diagnostics and rehabilitation. People with disabilities can now control wheelchairs and prosthetics with their thoughts. Tiny nanobots are being developed that will be able to repair the body from within, clear plaque from blood vessels and release medication directly into tumours.

05 High-Tech Farming
Technology is gaining ground in agriculture as well. Satellite-controlled systems guide tractors and other machines with unprecedented accuracy. The equipment is becoming ever more powerful, efficient and complex – leaving operators to focus almost solely on monitoring its performance.

06 The World’s Tallest Clock Tower
The world’s biggest clock faces adorn the top of a huge new building in Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is adjacent to the holiest site of Islam, the Kaaba. The four clock faces have a diameter of 43 meters, the minute hands are 23 meters long, and each of the four motors weighs 21 tonnes.
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16:9 | HD
06 x 30 min. HD
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