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Facets of Life – 45 Min. (07 x 45 min. | 05 x 45 min. HD)

Facets of Life documentaries and reports cover culture and education, business and science, historical and contemporary events as well as sports and leisure. A wide variety of issues are investigated in depth and presented in an informative format, making for 45 minutes of captivating television.

01 In Search of a Lost Childhood – The Cruel Fate of Bruno Schulz
For a short time around the turn of the millennium, everyone in Europe was talking about the Jewish Polish painter and writer Bruno Schulz. A German documentary film maker had discovered frescoes that Schulz had been ordered to paint for an SS officer in a villa in Drohobycz, in what is now Ukraine. A short time later, representatives of Yad Vashem removed parts of the pictures and took them to Israel where they are now on display. But what do we really know about Bruno Schulz? He was born in Drohobycz in 1892 and shot there by a Nazi officer in 1942. He created images and stories often set in a fantastical, fairytale realm. He could so easily have been forgotten, but now his literary oeuvre has been translated into 30 languages, a successful Polish group is named after him, and in the town of his birth, artists from all over the world gather to perform his work.

02 Traces of the Past – German-Jewish Cultural Heritage Worldwide HD
300,000 German Jews fled their home country during the Nazi era and were forced to rebuild their lives in exile. Their Jewish-European culture gradually blended with that of their adoptive home. “We tried to assimilate the best bits of everything,” says the physicist Ernst Wolfgang Hamburger, who lives in Sao Paulo. Some refugees returned to Germany and brought with them aspects of their host countries, such as Berlin resident Sonja Mühlberger, who spent her childhood in the Chinese city of Shanghai. Donna and Brian Swarthout from the US have come to live in Germany, the land of their ancestors, and to become German citizens.

03 Get Lucky – Young, Skilled, Enterprising HD
Marta Pérez has a dream. A young trained nurse from Vigo, she wants to start working in her chosen profession at last. IT expert Dimo Urumov from Plovdiv also spent ages looking for a job in his home country, as did actress Mara Vlachaki from Athens and Paulo Rodrigues, an engineer from Lisbon. Like many other academics and skilled workers from Southern and Eastern Europe, they have few prospects of finding work in their home countries. As a result, hundreds of thousands have come to Germany, where employment stands at record levels but demand for skilled workers is increasing at the same time. Our documentary follows the four from Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and Portugal as they move to Germany and watches them take their first steps in their new lives. Will their hopes and expectations be fulfilled? Will they find their fortune?

04 A Ray of Light – The Lebanon Project
Every summer, young people from Europe volunteer at a summer camp in the Lebanese mountains, where they help disabled people enjoy an unforgettable if brief holiday. The disabled people involved in the Lebanon Project spend the rest of the year in institutions, often in poor conditions.

05 A Special Relationship – Germans in Israel. Israelis in Germany HD
26-year-old Shahak Shapira lives in Germany – even though he has experienced anti-Semitic hostility first-hand, and despite the fact that members of his family were killed in the Holocaust. Moreover, his grandfather died in the Munich massacre, the terrorist attack on the 1972 Olympic Games. Israeli singer Rilli Willow has also settled in Germany. Her great-aunt died in Auschwitz but Rilli married a German and now lives in Berlin. German chef Tom Franz converted to Judaism, has an Israeli wife and lives in Tel Aviv. German writer Sarah Stricker also lives and works in Israel. They are four examples of a new generation of Israelis and Germans who have stepped out of the shadow of the past to prove it’s possible to live together in peace and friendship.

06 90 Minutes for Israel and Germany – Football between Tel Aviv and Berlin HD
These days Bayern Munich and its various world cup-winning German stars even have fans in Tel Aviv. And when Israeli international Almog Cohen, who now plays for Ingolstadt, steps on the pitch at his former club Nuremberg his German fans wave Star of David flags. Meanwhile, Michael Nees is helping to build the future of Israeli soccer as coach of the country’s under-21 team and as technical director of the Israel Football Association. When West Germany and Israel established diplomatic relations 50 years ago, all this would have been unthinkable. Football continues to play a significant role in normalizing ties between the two countries. What is it like to be a Jewish player in Germany? And how does a German coach in Israel cope with the burden of German history and the Middle East conflict?

07 Generation 25 – Children of German Reunification HD
25 years after German reunification, we take a look at the generation born in the years 1989 and 1990, a watershed period in German history. Carefully selected portraits show young men and women who have not experienced their nation divided, or the Cold War. They talk about identity, success, career, love, family and life in the digital world. The key focus of the program is how it was to grow up in a country that was fusing itself back together, and their own individual view of Germany.
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