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Tasty Tales (13 x 30 min. | 11 x 30 min. HD)

What culinary surprises does the party metropolis Tel Aviv have up its sleeve? What’s special about the famous Singaporean chilli crab? To what does South Tyrolean cuisine owe its sophistication? Foodstuffs and dishes reveal a great deal about history, cultural influences and traditions in their respective region. The ingredients, presentation, aroma, taste and color of our foods are as diverse as the landscapes and climates of our world. Come with us on a culinary voyage of discovery. Bon appétit!

01 The Gurus of Indian Cuisine HD
Working as a top chef in India is a particularly challenging job in view of the many different culinary preferences and traditions on the subcontinent. For many Indians, beef is taboo for religious reasons; it’s important to understand and master vegetarian cooking; and some people won’t even eat vegetables that grow beneath the earth. All of this means the gurus of Indian cooking have to be highly creative.

02 Peru, a Culinary Discovery
Peru has long been a tourist magnet, and not just for its famous Inca sites and dramatic landscapes. People also come here to savor the nation’s exceptionally tasty cuisine. These days, Peru is one of the culinary high points of any trip to the South American continent.

03 Hong Kong à la Carte HD
Hong Kong has to be the number one metropolis for dining out. Whether the food is steamed, simmered, fried or glazed, the chefs here don’t restrict themselves to traditional Chinese methods. Many Hong Kong restaurants are the scene of exciting experimentation, even with the most unusual ideas in modern molecular cuisine.

04 Vienna, European Capital of Desserts HD
The art of pastry making holds a particular significance in Vienna. Even in the 16th century, the imperial court employed a master confectioner. To this day, visitors from all over the world come to the Austrian capital to enjoy its famous pastries and chocolates.

05 Perfect Cuisine, Japanese Style HD
Japan is crazy about fish – and the fresher the better! Not only does it have to taste good, it has to be aesthetically presented on the plate. Japanese food is a marriage of two art forms: cooking and design, united in the desire for perfection.

06 A Culinary Tour of Sicily HD
Sicily has been invaded and governed by numerous rulers over the centuries, each of them leaving their mark on the cuisine of the Italian island: The Greeks, Phoenicians, Arabs, Normans and not least the Spanish, who brought cocoa beans from South America. To this day, Sicilian chocolate is manufactured using ancient Aztec methods.

07 Vietnam’s Healthy Cuisine HD
The cuisine of Vietnam is delicious and very healthy. Highlights of the nation’s culinary palette include light rice paper rolls, noodle soups and seafood – served with all kinds of fresh herbs. Vietnam is also a paradise for fans of tropical fruit.

08 Appetite for Tel Aviv HD
A culinary exploration of Tel Aviv yields a host of surprising taste sensations. People living in this vibrant Mediterranean metropolis are known for their high-spirited lifestyle, and the local cuisine is similarly exuberant, linking the flavors of East and West. Tel Aviv has the potential to become a major magnet for gourmets.

09 Singapore and Penang – A Culinary Melting Pot HD
Numerous culinary influences converge on the Malay Peninsula. The Chinese and Malays, Indians and British have all left their mark, especially on the regional cuisines of Singapore and Penang. The huge variety of local herbs and spices, combined with a yen for experimentation, yields an abundance of delicious, creative dishes.

10 Scrumptious Switzerland HD
If you’re watching your waistline, then the dishes typically served in the Swiss canton of Graubünden are probably not for you. Barley soup or stuffed dumplings, special kinds of sausage or pastries made with nuts – traditional meals here are a revelation for fans of hearty, filling food. It’s down-to-earth cuisine just like grandma used to make.

11 Thailand’s Delicacies HD
Thai cuisine offers an amazing variety of tastes and is made with fresh, healthy ingredients. No wonder it is popular around the world. In Thailand itself, mealtime traditionally involves a pleasurable custom. All dishes on the table are shared – to ensure that each diner partakes of a balanced, substantial meal: A little of everything, instead of too much of one thing.

12 South Tyrol – Cuisine Flavored by Italy and Austria HD
Hearty Alpine specialties combined with Mediterranean lightness – this is the charm of South Tyrolean cuisine. It is a synthesis of two culinary cultures – the Italian and the Austrian. The cuisine in the northernmost province of Italy may be rooted in tradition, but it’s often served up with an innovative twist, and with the accent on top quality ingredients.

13 The Alsatian Gourmet Experience
Wherever you might be in the eastern French region of Alsace, you’ll never be far from haute cuisine. The finest goose pie, partridge in cognac sauce, desserts that melt in the mouth – many starred chefs are at work in Alsace, which borders Germany. As well as diners, the region also attracts those keen to look over the shoulder of one of these masters and learn some of the secrets of their trade.
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