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CrossCurrents (09 x 05-07 min.)

Increasing numbers of artists are on the move throughout the world – modern nomads in search of inspiration and identity, some under their own steam, others as scholarship holders or cultural ambassadors. They soon learn to straddle the boundary between the culture of their homeland and that of their host nation. But what does it mean to live and work in different cultures and countries? Profiles of several mobile artists yield a complex and vivid tableau of
the 21st-century cultural migrant.
01  The Photoartist Dayanita Singh
Dayanita Singh is one of India’s most important contemporary artists, but the scope and range of her work is definitely international. Singh saw photography as a ticket to freedom, allowing her to travel and to lead her own unconventional life.

02  The Poet Ricardo Domeneck
He writes, makes videos and gives performances. Ricardo Domeneck has been living in Germany since 2002. He grew up in a Brazilian country town, and began writing poems at the age of 13.

03  The Musician Mariana Sadovska
Mariana Sadovska from Ukraine is a star on the world-music scene. She studied piano and went to drama school, worked and performed in Poland and New York, and now lives in Germany. The singer-composer blends traditional Ukrainian songs with contemporary sounds.

04  The Filmmaker Myrna Maakaron
Whenever the Lebanese filmmaker Myrna Maakaron is in her home city of Beirut, she yearns for the tranquility of Berlin. But once there, she misses the friendliness of the Lebanese. Her films document life in Beirut and Berlin as well as the history of the two cities.

05  The Architect Francis Kéré
Diébédo Francis Kéré left his home country of Burkina Faso more than 20 years ago and came to Germany on a scholarship. He stayed and studied architecture in Berlin, where he now runs his own office. He designs sustainable – and beautiful – buildings for challenging environments, in Africa, the Middle East and beyond, using local materials and local skills.

06  The Photographer Daniela Orvin
Photographer Daniela Orvin was born in Berlin, but grew up near Tel Aviv. She did not feel at home in Israel, and returned to Berlin, where she soon got to know other expat Israeli artists.

07  The Dance Duo Wang / Ramirez
Hyun-Jung Wang is the German-born daughter of Korean parents; her dance partner Sébastien Ramirez is from France but has Spanish roots. The pair’s experimental mix of contemporary and hip-hop transcends both physical and mental barriers.

08  The Fashion Designer Hien Le
Hien Le comes from Laos. He is one of many young and talented fashion designers working in the German capital. His designs reflect the austerity and simplicity of everyday Asian clothing. He only established his own label in 2010, but has already been bestowed with the honor of opening Berlin Fashion Week.

09  The Percussionist Ni Fan
The percussionist Ni Fan comes from China and studies in Berlin. She can play more than 200 percussion instruments and blurs the boundaries between classical music and jazz. She is the first ever percussionist to win the PRIX Montblanc.
English, Portuguese, Spanish
16:9 | SD
09 x 05-07 min.