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bARchitecture (07 x 30 min, 26 x 04-05 min. HD)

A bar is a place where people meet – in public, but nevertheless in an intimate setting. It may sound like a contradiction, but the best bars manage to marry the two aspects perfectly. Creating the right space for this to work is the secret of a good architect or designer.

This series presents unusual and fabulous bars all over the world – from the “Ice Bar” in Copenhagen to the “Flair Bar” in Shanghai. We explore their innovative design by daylight and relish their moody magic by night.

01  Bars in Dramatic Spaces
How do you design a bar in a former church or theater, or a famous museum – buildings that already have their own special aura and ambience? Should the style defer respectfully to that of the host venue, or be bold and different? We look for answers at “Teatriz” in Madrid and at “The Wright” in New York’s Guggenheim Museum.

02  The Pull of the Panorama
A spectacular view over the metropolis is what these bars in Tokyo, New York, Shanghai and Hamburg have in common. The design is understated, allowing nothing to distract from the breathtaking vista. At the “Roppongi Hills Club” on the 51st floor of a Tokyo skyscraper, guests find tranquility in one of the world’s fastest-moving cities.

03  Intimacy in Cavernous Spaces
At the Centre Pompidou, the challenge was to create a bar and restaurant in a huge rectangular space with spectacular views over Paris. The architects added complexity and cosiness with a landscape of curving grotto-like chambers. Designers in Copenhagen, Berlin and Mumbai have also managed to create intimate bars and restaurants in large spaces.

04  From Concept to Brand
The unique interior design of these bars in London, Amsterdam and Copenhagen made them so famous they have since spawned offshoots and inspired copies all over the world. The cool design of Copenhagen’s “Ice Bar”, for example, has become an international brand.

05  The Return of the Decorative
When it comes to bar décor, the unfussy, purist look has been all the rage in recent years. But not for these bars in Madrid, New York and Shanghai. At the Madrid tapas bar “Estado Puro”, the designers paid playful tribute to Spanish tradition.

06  Digital Pop
The bar at the Nhow Hotel in Berlin packs a surprising punch with its futuristic design in digital style. The décor is a declaration of war on the restraint and strict straight lines of modernism. Eye-catching patterns, curvy forms and bright colors are now also in evidence in bars in Madrid, Venice and Shanghai.

07  Hidden Gems in Unexpected Places
These exclusive bars in Bangkok, Amsterdam, New York and Shanghai have given their interiors a grand exterior. The sleek white horizontal tubular structure in Bangkok’s business district is no science lab, but one of the city’s most trendy places to hang out, the “Supperclub”.
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07 x 30 min, 26 x 04-05 min. HD
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