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Germany by Scooter (30 x 03–05 min. | 05 x 30 min. HD)

2,473 kilometres in 80 days. On a scooter.

Our intrepid reporter Michael Wigge has traveled from the northernmost to the southernmost point of Germany on what has to be one of the most uncomfortable means of transport. Although he may have felt like banishing his scooter to the cellar after the trip, the journey was most definitely worthwhile.

On his way through Germany, Wigge visited people and places well off the beaten track. On his travels, the award-winning reporter discovered the country’s first “automated municipal lighting works”, visited the world’s largest cuckoo clock and got to know Germany’s lowest point. He passed through a rainy and chilly village on the Baltic coast called Brazil, dropped in on Germany’s only “public DISorder office”, visited the equally unique official UFO sightings bureau and viewed the leaning tower of Thuringia, which stands at an incline greater than that of its much more famous counterpart in Pisa.

The first thing Wigge had to say after his long journey was: “Never again will I travel by scooter!” But then he added: “I’ve met some incredibly interesting people. And you can only do that if you’re using a very slow vehicle – for example, a scooter.”

01  From Sylt to the North German Plain 
      The Starting Line
      Smallest Village
      German Brazil
      Inventors Club
      Lowest Point
      Canine Care

02  From the Brunswick Area to the Harz Mountains
      Artisans on Tour
      Smallest House
      Oldest Oak
      Meet in the Middle
      Leaning Tower

03  From the Thuringian Forest to the Taunus
      Garden Gnome
      Sandman Cave
      The Former Border
      German Gym Wheel
      Sugar Collector
      Organized Humor

04  From the Odenwald to Middle Franconia
      Scooter Association
      Frankenstein Castle
      Office Chair Racing
      UFO Hotline
      World Hotel
      City Lights Limits

05  From the Black Forest to the Allgäu
      Beard Club
      Cuckoo Clock
      Culture Bunker
      Smallest Brewery
      Bureau of Disorder
      The Finish Line
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30 x 03–05 min. | 05 x 30 min. HD
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