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Europe 28 (28 x 05 min.)

The European Union has 28 member nations, with 28 capitals that are defined by very different histories and cultures. In each and every one of these cities, we visit people who take us to places you won’t find in any guidebook and who tell us more about life in their city than you’ll ever read in the travel pages of the Sunday newspaper. They lead us to romantic locations, show us their favorite bar or restaurant and provide a very personal insight into the EU’s capital cities from Amsterdam to Zagreb.

Euromaxx met most of the protagonists years ago: We take a look at what has changed since, and what is just as beautiful as it ever was.

01  Amsterdam, The Netherlands
02  Athens, Greece
03  Berlin, Germany
04  Bratislava, Slovakia
05  Brussels, Belgium
06  Bucharest, Romania
07  Budapest, Hungary
08  Copenhagen, Denmark
09  Dublin, Ireland
10  Helsinki, Finland
11  Lisbon, Portugal
12  Ljubljana, Slovenia
13  London, UK
14  Luxembourg, Luxembourg
15  Madrid, Spain
16  Nicosia, Cyprus
17  Paris, France
18  Prague, Czech Republic
19  Riga, Latvia
20  Rome, Italy
21  Sofia, Bulgaria
22  Stockholm, Sweden
23  Tallinn, Estonia
24  Valletta, Malta
25  Vienna, Austria
26  Vilnius, Lithuania
27  Warsaw, Poland
28  Zagreb, Croatia
Arabic, English, German, Spanish
16:9 | STEREO | SD
28 x 05 min.
Worldwide, VOD, Mobile