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The Rohwedder Case (52 min. HD)

In the immediate aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, Germany is about to be reunified. But the political union can only function with a single economic system. To this end, the Treuhand or East German privatization and restructuring agency is established in 1990 – and begins grooming eastern German companies for the western market. After a few teething problems, Detlev Karsten Rohwedder is appointed head of the agency.

Rohwedder gives the Treuhand agency a clear-cut profile and commits himself fully to the task of streamlining the eastern German economy. For him the process goes beyond simply privatizing companies as quickly as possible, and he always considers the impact of his agency’s decisions on ordinary people. In this way, Rohwedder becomes one of the key architects of German unity. But in 1991, he is murdered. A note left at the scene identifies the RAF – a leftwing extremist terrorist group – as the perpetrators. But this claim of responsibility for what is apparently the last attack by the RAF before it disbands may be a red herring.

It is still not known to this day who was responsible for the murder. The Rohwedder Case investigates potential clues and shows the inner workings of the Treuhand agency. The documentary film sketches a portrait of a man who faced an uphill struggle as he tried to restructure the East German economy in a socially responsible manner, and who nevertheless made a significant contribution to the process of German reunification.
Arabic, English, German, Spanish
16:9 | HD
52 min. HD
Not available worldwide.