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Strangers – 6 Years Later (03 x 30 min.)

The series Strangers accompanies young immigrants from various nations, cultures and social strata as they head for Germany, and observes them as they try to gain a foothold in the country.

The first series (8 parts) focused on their experiences during the first year: What impressions did they have of Germany before they left their homeland? Were there any positive or negative surprises upon arrival? How did they find a home, a job, and friends? And what about their dealings with the authorities and other aspects of daily life? How did they go about learning German? Were they homesick? What were the similarities and differences between their adoptive home and the one they left behind?

Six years on, Strangers goes back to find out how the same protagonists are doing, and explores the following questions: How have they been faring in Germany? Have they managed to settle in? Have they found the Germany they were looking for? Or have dreams and illusions long given way to sober reality? Are they happy with their work? Have they made friends with the locals, or mostly remained within their own communities? Would they have come to Germany if they had known then what they know now?

09  Part I
10  Part II
11  Part III
English, German, Spanish
03 x 30 min.
Worldwide, VOD, Mobile