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Struggle for Survival (26 x 30 min. | 02 x 30 min. HD)

One in every four species of mammal, one in every eight species of bird and a third of all amphibian species are threatened with extinction. The diversity of life on our planet is declining at an alarming rate. The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species shows that not enough is being done to save them. The number of species on it has increased dramatically. Immediate, drastic action is required to preserve valuable habitats and halt the extinction of species.

20  Saving the Sabah Rhinoceros  [HD]
21  The Return of the Wildcat
22  Hunting Down Peru’s Butterflies 
23  Surrogate Moms for Wombats
24  Beavers: Overprotected or Over Hunted?
25  The Vulnerable Nile Crocodile
26  The Forgotten Livestock
Arabic, English, Spanish
16:9 | SD, HD
26 x 30 min. | 02 x 30 min. HD
Not available worldwide.