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By the River, by the Water (13 x 30 min. | 02 x 30 min. HD)

Rivers define the landscape and the lives of those who live along their banks. They supply water, food and construction materials, and make the land fertile. Rivers transport people and goods, and are the source of many myths and legends. They are places of recreation and the habitat for countless animal and plant species. All over the world, the quantity and the quality of river water are decisive in determining the quality of life. On our journeys along the rivers of the world, we meet people who live with the water and depend on it for their livelihood and provide insights into cultures and habitats.

01 The Mekong – China’s Wild River  [HD]
02 The Thames – Pride of England
03 The Niger – Through the Heart of Africa  [HD]
04 The Amazon – South America’s Life Force
05 The Rhine – Germany’s Romantic Loreley Valley
06 The Ayeyarwady – Myanmar Revealed
07 The Saint Lawrence – Canada’s Gateway to the World
08 The Ganges – India’s Holy River
09 The Yenisei – Russia’s River of Tears
10 The Nile – The Father of African River
11 The Oder River – A Beautiful Boundary in Europe
12 The Jordan River – A Journey Through the Holy Land
13 The Indus River – A Vital Resource  
Arabic, English, Spanish
16:9 | SD, HD
13 x 30 min. | 02 x 30 min. HD
Not available worldwide.