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Huge progress has been made in medical practice over recent decades. For example, the discovery of fiber optics has made it possible to take a close look at the stomach or intestine and identify problem zones. Computer tomography creates three-dimensional images without using harmful X-rays. Intensive care medicine, transplantation medicine and genetic engineering are now making it possible to tackle diseases previously regarded as incurable. But there is still much uncharted scientific territory, for example with regard to diseases that have only emerged with our civilization.

67 Healing in Harmony with the Body Clock HD
These days, many people lead lives that are out of synch with the body’s natural healthy rhythm. The consequences are insomnia, depression, diabetes, even dementia. By administering doses of medication in harmony with the body clock, doctors are achieving astonishing results.

68 Electric Shocks Against Pain – New Approaches in the Treatment of Migraines HD
Often, it’s a long time before migraine sufferers are correctly diagnosed. But now it’s possible to spot and treat the disease early. One option is botox, another electric impulses that block the nerves at the back of the head.

69 Varicose Veins Adieu – The Possibilities of Radiowave Therapy HD
Patients with varicose veins are usually advised by doctors to have the affected veins removed from the leg. It’s an effective, but messy treatment. Radiotherapy is a gentler method. It’s just as effective, and involves hardly any loss of blood.

70 No More Joint Pain – Treatment Using the Body’s Own Cells HD
It sounds like a vision of the future: A defective part of the body is reproduced in a testtube using the body’s own cells and repaired. In the case of injured joints such as hips, knees or shoulders this is no longer a vision, but a reality.

71 When Cold Saves Lives – The Power of Cool Temperatures
It’s not a pleasant experience to wait for 10 minutes in a cold chamber at a temperature of minus 110 degrees Celsius – but for patients with severe rheumatism, it’s an effective way of alleviating pain for long periods. Cold is also used as a treatment to prevent brain damage in stroke patients.

72 Cancer Prevention – Opportunity or Risk? HD
Everyone fears a cancer diagnosis. That’s why many people attend precautionary examinations. But scientists are regarding these with increasing skepticism. This is because early screening tests aren’t always reliable. A false diagnosis can plunge patients into a crisis, or result in them being given unnecessary treatment.
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72 x 30 min. | 12 x 30 min. HD
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