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MotorMania (165 x various length)

MotorMania provides a quick - fire insight into the world of the automobile. Short clips about rally cars, classic cars, technology and curiosities are sure to delight every car fan and might even make them smile now and again.

Classic Cars and Limited Editions

(59 x 03-06 min.)
Among the many different car designs that make it onto the production line, a number are destined for classic status. In some instances the appeal is instant, in others the cult following grows over a number of years. Sometimes standard models become evergreens, and sometimes designers succeed in creating one-off limited editions that go down in auto history.

Rallies and Events
(31 x 03-05 min.)
Rallies put both people and machines through their paces. They bring drivers and their cars to the limits of their capacity. Gatherings of car fans from all over the world are much more relaxed events, but just as exciting. Meetings like these are often held in picturesque locations, and bring together people who enjoy sharing their love for cars.

Automobile Technology
(45 x 02-04 min.)
The car manufacturing industry demands great things of engineers, mechanics and designers. They are required to make our cars safer, to make the driving experience more pleasurable, and to reduce fuel consumption even as performance is being continually enhanced. From the first sketches on the drawing board, right through to crash tests in special testing centers, the focus always has to be on three key goals: performance, safety and comfort.

Automobile Anecdotes
(30 x 03-04 min.)
The car is now an integral part of our world, and there is a wealth of stories associated with this popular mode of transport. How did the world’s major carmakers get to be so big? And how does someone with ambitions to become a motor racing driver go about launching their career? The car factor – mirrored in many facets of our lives.
165 x various length